Halloween 2020

Hello PBCE neighbors! With Halloween right around the corner, we are again having traditional trick or treating right here in our neighborhood.

Would you like to join in and hand out candy on Oct. 31st? Please email your address to me, Tiffany Kilby, at TiffanyKilby95@gmail.com subject line “Halloween” by Oct. 27th to participate.

The map will be emailed & posted to our Landowners Facebook group as well as to this website.

We ask for those participating to place a lit pumpkin where people can easily see it from the street. For example, either down at the end of your driveway or by your front door. Please use flameless candles. With the pandemic still scary, please get creative on designing socially distanced delivery devices for distributing the candy.

Thank you,
Tiffany Kilby

Trunk or Treat 2020

Thank you to Chris Reinhardt for organizing Trunk or Treat!

The plan is to strictly follow CDC guidelines and the permit from SIRWCD to have:

  1. EVERYONE will be REQUIRED to wear a surgical or cloth face mask over their nose and mouth, even under a plastic Halloween mask or clear face shield. NO EXCEPTIONS OR MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS.
  2. Cars parked a minimum 6 feet apart.
  3. One way treating with an entrance and an exit. No doubling back or lingering on the treat path. If you want to go through again you must go through the exit and go back around to the entrance.
  4. Family groups will start at the entrance and will be separated by at least 6 feet as they move from one car to the next.
  5. Touch free candy. Candy can be handed out with long tongs or a long spoon, or even a long chute system using a cardboard tube or pvc pipe to keep the treaters and trunk owners 6 feet apart. I’m sure people could get creative with this. Candy can also be placed on a table in front of the trunks, but the table would need to be sanitized between groups.

We are sorry if these guidelines exclude anyone from participating, but we must do everything in our power to keep everyone who attends safe to the best of our abilities.

If you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a face mask it is probably best that you do not expose yourself to a large gathering like this without protection.

CLF UPDATE (October 2020)

Donate to Fight Group Homes Expansion!

Our CLF Consultants

Neil M Schiller,
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr

Matt Mandel,
Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman

Michele C. Mellgren,
Urban Planner
The Mellgren Planning Group

Jeff Collins,
Fire Safety Consultant
Collins Fire Protection & Life Safety Solutions


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